Some awesome comedy shows are coming to Boston in 2023. There is a slew of upcoming comedy shows to see in the New Year, and Boston has some of the best comedy club options. So, of course, whether you’re going to grab a slice of pizza and see a local comedian or you’re looking for a big name you saw on SNL, there’s really only one place that’s going to bring it to a large stage, and that’s at the Comedy Connection

Upcoming Comedy Shows in Boston

While it seems like all Boston Comedy Clubs are booking some amazing talent, let’s take a look at some upcoming comedy shows we’re most excited about. First, starting in Mid-January, you’ll be able to see one of the legends of Comedy, Sinbad himself. Considered one of the 100 greatest standups of all time, according to Comedy Central, Sinbad will help kick off the season right with his unique stand-up performance. 

Then if you’re looking for some snarky yet spot-on humor, you can also find T.J. Miller performing at the Comedy Connection at the end of January. You may recall him as a supporting character for Deadpool as well as one of the primary characters in the big comedy hit Silicon Valley. 

Of course, if you find yourself free in early February, then you’ll be able to grab a show with Lebanese / American comedian Nemr. He grew his name by touring in the Middle East, only doing standup in English, and becoming a sensation in the region. He’s then since moved to the states to help bring laughter and joy while breaking down barriers. 

Maybe you’re looking for that comedic power that’s currently the host of The Daily Show and seeing Trever Noah offer talents with a Boston Comedy Show come April. He has been able to take the mantle of the Daily Show and continue on its great comedic production value, consistently helping the show to win Emmy nominations year after year. You can find him at Boston’s best comedy club from 4/5 to 4/12. 

Suppose you’re looking for some offbeat humor before seeing the Trevor Noah special. In that case, you can see at the end of February Stavros Halkias, who has done an excellent job offering humorous insight into the simplest things in life. 

Don’t miss out on the best comedy shows in Boston

2023 is going to bring a full year of awesome comedy as more comedians come back from time off due to the pandemic. So there’s no better way to help with the winter thaw than going to grab a bite to eat and catch a Boston comedy show this season to be able to laugh with friends and loved ones. The Comedy Connection strives to bring the best talent in the industry to Boston so you can catch your favorite comedian.

Of course, the comedy scene is great for finding lesser-known comedians, so always stay on the lookout and get some laughs from people that may one day soon become famous.