With the days getting shorter and the temperatures approaching freezing, it’s time to unwind and get warm in the comfort of our homes. Comedy Connection realizes that this year has been tough for all of us. We find it is and the extra important to put in effort into creating our own humor and joy. Comedy Connection encourages you to look for the humor in your everyday life and spread laughter this holiday season. While we won’t be having any Comedy Connection stand-up shows until January, we can still take time to appreciate some of our favorite comedy routines.

Steve-O was set to take the stage for Steve-O’s Bucket List Tour this November at the Comedy Connection. While we couldn’t experience the thrills at the Comedy Connection in 2020, then we can always count on the videos featuring Steve-O to keep us laughing. We’ve been laughing at Steve-O explain what went into his Skyjacking stunt since we first saw it.

Jess Hilarious is one of comedy’s rising stars. This Baltimore native premiered on Wildn’ Out in 2015 and has been true to her name ever since. Jess is confident and accurate with her humor and always makes us laugh with her perspective comedy. Comedy Connection is excited to host one of her comedy events in 2021. In the mean time, be sure to subscribe to her youtube channel where you can find her latest hilarious content!

While Colin Quin’s 50 States tour got postponed due to COVID-19, he has still been on the road sharing comedy in a new light. Comedy Connection is excited to hear Colin’s stories on the stage in 2021, but for now we can catch up with him on a few different platforms. The recent partnership with HBO Max is good news for all of us stand-up comedy fanatics, as we can instantly be transported to comedy shows. Check out Colin Quinn & Friends: A Parking Lot Comedy Show here:

Comedy Connection Boston is excited for 2021. DC Young Fly is set to headline Comedy Connection grand re-opening to the public, and we couldn’t be more excited! Until then we will have to be patient and wait. Be sure to check our schedule of upcoming shows for announcements about the hottest comedians who will be visiting the Comedy Connection stage.