Happy New Year from the Comedy Connection. With 2021 under strict travel and social regulations, the Comedy Connection is going back in time to remember some of the most memorable comedy shows we’ve hosted. Stand-up comedy is always a huge attraction in Boston and it’s important to celebrate the live shows that brought us so many memories. Here are some of our favorite Comedy Connection acts in the past years.

Comedian Mike Young had the opportunity to create some laughs at the Wilbur theater last year. A casual night out in Boston that ends with a show at the Comedy Connection is a great way to spend time with friends and enjoy some jokes from the hottest comedians in the industry. Mike Young, a Detroit native, has enjoyed success bringing his unique sense of humor to multiple forms of media and gave the Comedy Connection audience a show they won’t forget soon.

Live stand up comedy is tough to beat and Comedy Connection Boston sure misses it. We hope that we will be enjoying authentic comedy performances like Mike Young in no time. For the time being, enjoy this taping of Mike Young at the Wilbur Theater in Boston!


In 2017, Actor and Comedy legend Rob Schnieder had a show at the Wilbur Theater in Boston. Rob is known for his hilarious movies like Dodgeball, The Bench Warmers and Grown Ups. Schnider started at his local comedy clubs and made it to the top, after his Letterman debut in 1987. Comedy Connection appreciates legends like Rob Schnider for all the work he’s done in comedy and cinema. Be sure to check out Rob’s Latest work here!

Jim Gaffigan has blessed the Boston stand-up scene for some time now. Making a splash with his debut special, Gaffigan perfectly delivers the comedic elements in his life. His character differentiation, along with his breaking of the 4th wall is sure to have your ribs hurting. Gaffigan has mastered his craft to the point where he is branching off into other mediums, like dramas, podcasts, and mainstream television. Whatever Jim is up to these days, we hope he is staying safe and staying funny! Check Out Jim’s special from ‘Cinco’ on Netflix!

Jim Bruer visited the Wilbur Theater in Boston last year for his Live and Let Laugh tour and I can still hear the crowds erupting with laughter. Ranked one of the 100 greatest comics of all time, Jim Bruer always captures our attention with his freestyle, New York inspired storytelling sets. This SNL alumni always brings the house down whenever he is in town. Comedy Connection Boston cannot wait to hear from him again. Check out some of his most recent work here!

While Comedy shows have been shut down for some time now, Comedy Connection Boston has some incredible shows for you (hopefully) in 2021. Be sure to check out our calendar and website for all the latest information on the Boston Comedy Scene.